Great Make-up time saving tricks

Got a need for speed?  Here are Interesting Tricks for you!

Conceal Flaws in a Flash

Covering up blemishes and dark under-eye circles is the fastest way to look perfectly polished. I recommend Arbonnes velvety formula that dries to a powdery soft finish, $22.50, on pimples because it won’t slide around on oily areas. Dab on a small amount — it’s easier to add more than take excess away — onto the spot and blend with your ring finger. “For under-eye circles, I like to let the concealer dry down for about three minutes on the darkest parts before blending,” “It lets the pigment cling onto that specific area instead of dispersing evenly.”

Brighten Your Eyes

It takes just a few steps to make eyes look more vibrant after a long day at work before going out — or after a long night out before heading to work. First, applying shadow and liner to only the upper lids, in colors that complement your eyes. This means copper or bronze for blue eyes, shades of plum for green eyes, and deep blue-violet for brown eyes. Follow up with a skin-toned liner on the inner rims of the lower lids (try Eye liner Pencil in Toffee, $18), and you’ll look deceptively well-rested.

A Multitasking Mama!

Using just one product will save you time on makeup application because there’s no need to blend or deal with smudges. Use your fingers to swipe a creamy, slightly shimmery color (try Sheer Glow Highlighter, $40) onto eyelids, then blend along the cheekbones for added definition. Dab a little onto the lips and follow with clear gloss. That’s it — you’ve got a glowing face in no time at all, and with minimal effort.

Quick pucker upper!

Want fuller looking lips, try this trick: Rub the side, not the pointy tip, of your liner along the borders of your lips. “This looks more natural than drawing around the edges to make them look larger,” she says. “Plus it takes less time than trying to get the line perfect.” Follow with a color that’s a touch brighter than natural. But forget matte and cream — it’s all about the gloss. A supershiny one with reflective, shimmery particles (like Arbonne clear Lip Polish, $22) helps make lips appear plumper.

Makeup Bag Must-Haves

Whether she’s painted a face full of makeup or dabbed on the bare minimum, these are a must have. Mattifying powder and Sheer Glow highlighter. A quick dust  of the mattifying pwer takes away shine on the nose and forehead (try Arbonne Mattifying Power, $25) anytime you need it without messing up your makeup. Finally, highlighter like sheer glow, $40, blended in a sideways U-shape from the temples onto the cheekbones, will catch the light and make your face look chiseled and polished.

It’s amazing, but the smallest and quickest makeup tricks can have the biggest impact on your look!


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