A little of this and a little of that in 2012

Hey there!! it’s your skinchick!  I have been away for some time.  As you guessed it, blogging is not my #1 priority.  I live a very busy life as most and I just have not been diligent about coming here often.  Maybe in the near future but for now, I do what I can.  I had an AMazing summer.  We spent most of it traveling, thanks to my job.

In July we spent the summer in NY for the birth of our new niece – Sophia.  I’m holding her.

August we went to Lake Tahoe.  We vacationed with friends and it was a BLAST!!

We hiked Mt. Tallac and it was HARD!!!

and then I started training for the “Ultimate hike” (26 miles of the PCT in one day).   That was so much fun and luckily I was able to work alongside the hike training. The picture below was taken the day after the hike on Oct 28th.  An experience to last a life time.

Yes! I did it again. We hiked 26 miles for Children’s Cancer Research to raise awareness and money for the cause.

Why you might ask? well, I am so blessed with 3 beautiful healthy children and as a parent I know I could not bare to lose one of my own.  My heart tells me this is what I must do.  Be a voice for the children.  Helping children’s cancer research so that the children of the future can have a fighting chance.

Anyone coming across this page can join us in this fight against pediatric cancer. Check out the link below and donate what you can :-).  97% of the money raised goes to the cause.  NOW that is AWESOME!

Where is your money going?
CureSearch is a national non-profit foundation whose mission is to fund and support all children’s cancer research and provide information and resources to all those affected by children’s cancer. CureSearch raises funds for collaborative research conducted at more than 180 hospitals across the nation. These hospitals participate in National Cancer Institute sponsored clinical trials conducted by the Children’s Oncology Group. In the last 40 years, collaborative research has increased the overall survival rate for children’s cancer from 10% to 78%.
At CureSearch, the goal is 100%.
IMAGINE what progress could be made with new drugs!
Please donate, do it for the children! All children.
Go to  – http://www.ultimatehike.org/sandiego/joannmclemore

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message!


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