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Be Brave

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I remember dreading Monday’s…ugh!!! That’s seriously NO fun & I knew I couldn’t be doing that forever..My thoughts were always, “This is going to kill me” or “There’s got to be another way” the best one is “This CAN’T be it” LOL
OMG, I know I’m NOT alone on this one. Can anyone relate, come on, can be honest..
If that’s you too, my recommendation is to work on a plan B because if nothing changes, nothing changes.. you’ll just keep going in circles… Don’t do it..
You my friend, have options..If you start NOW….
Start asking the questions, Clean the len, Start looking at life with wonder and what if’s….
We’re living in the 21st century!! in a digital world where flexibility, creativity, networking Social media & opportunity is all around us… anythings possible. People are open and looking for other opportunities too.. You’re not alone..
I am forever thankful I said yes to something I knew nothing about. That I said YES to something that scared me because today, I am living, I am learning, free & happy, my family is happy, I have purpose, and I have the ability to help others do the same…
I am not perfect by any means but when I fall, I make sure I land on my back because if I can look up, I can get up!!  Love Les Brown 🙂  What a blessing..
I’m not saying it’s easy either.  What I’m saying is, you have one life. If nothing changes, nothing changes.  You have choices and YOU are worth it.
Be brave to start over
I am that constant LIGHT to help other see when sometimes its not so clear and hope is dim..
Cheers to Good health and well being!!

Yoga for Runners – part I

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I find running to be one of those exercises I do for only a short period of time because I don’t really enjoy it but either way, if you’re going to do it, its important to learn how to prevent injuries.  I know my husband loves to run so to my honey and all my readers, I hope you enjoy the post below as much as I did.

Great post by The Balance Guru.  The Balance Blog: Yoga for Runners – part I

via The Balance Blog: Yoga for Runners – part I.